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Customer Base
A sincere effort to recognize genuine drug demands in every corner of the globe is the only righteous way to the performance at astra lifecare. The Company caters to various developing countries including Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc. which are in genuine need of economical, value based, reliable and quality life-care products.
Initially our concentration was on East African markets with large wholesalers catering requirements of Governmental institutions, NGOs and local markets of their respective regions. We have now widen our marketing horizon in other African countries like, D.R. Congo, Zambia, Malawi, Madagascar, Rwanda, Burundi, Mauritius, etc. and have also started export to Myanmar, Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize and Angola. For most of the above countries, we have identified and appointed our exclusive distributors who are well-established and are there in the respective markets for years.
We are now exploring and in the process of registration of our existing products for South-East Asian countries as well as for Latin and Central American countries to further expand our customer base. Our primary focus in the new territories is to select the right customer who are well-established having strong knowledge/experience of the local market and can add-value in marketing our products with Governmental organizations in addition to the local market.